Week 3 Love Island Roundup: Drama, Hypocrisy And First Kisses

We asked for drama, and they delivered. From gross food challenges, surprise re-couplings and major bust-ups, there hasn’t been an episode of Love Island this week that hasn’t provided some type of much-needed juicy drama and entertainment. Breaking girl code After a surprise re-coupling on Sunday night, Rebecca and Siânnise had a row after Rebecca blindsided her by choosing to couple up with Luke T.

20 Reasons Why Falling For a Guy’s ‘Potential’ Leaves You Dissapointed Every Time

1. You end up disappointed because you fall for it when he smiles at you from across the room, not knowing that he is only doing it to boost his ego. He knows you like him and takes advantage of the fact that you can’t resist his smile. 2. You end up disappointed because he only seems to interact with you when you are physically in his presence, but in your absence, he doesn’t check for you. It’s all about convenience for him.

Restaurant In Kingston, Pokie And Roll Opens To Promote Healthy Eating On-The-Go

A family-run poke, sushi and bento restaurant, Pokie and Roll has opened in Apple Market to encourage locals to eat healthier on the go. The restaurant infuses Hawaiian poke, which is diced raw fish, with the ingredients of Japanese sushi and bento food. The key feature of the restaurant is that customers can fill and customise their bowl with all of these foods, which encompasses their tagline, #RockingTheBowl.

How to Make The Most Out Of Networking Events

I'm an introvert by nature but I’ve found that one of the benefits of going to events alone has been the growth of my confidence. Engaging with strangers has forced me to come out of my comfort zone which in turn has made it easier each time to approach new people when meeting them. Going alone also means that you can truly pursue your interests without waiting on a friend or family member who perhaps isn't as keen as you are.

It’s Okay If You Don’t Have Your Life All Together Yet

Despite what you think, your favorite YouTuber, influencer, or that gorgeous girl you see on the explore page do not have it all together. I can recall the countless number of times when public figures have come out and confessed that they’re suffering from depression, are broke, or end up breaking off their long-term relationships. Although unfortunate, we’re often shocked and surprised when they break the news. But why?

5 Things I Would Tell Someone Considering Studying Journalism

I ask this sincerely: Why do you want to study journalism? Is it because you love writing? Are you interested in current affairs? Are you always the first person to discover a story? Are you looking to change or challenge people's perspective on a certain issue? Do you want to create a dialogue on 'taboo' issues, such as mental health? Do you have an opinion that you can get across in an interesting and engaging way?